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Join Us On Our Campervan Adventures

Hi, we're Dee and Maud and we love motorhome camping as you will see from the pages on this site. We want to share our campervan adventures with you and hopefully you'll also want to share your roadtrip adventures with us.

We had dreamed of a motorhome adventure for a while but we didn't have our first campervan experience until 2008 when we rented a campervan and had a 2 week tour of Northland - we drove up from Christchurch and dropped off in Auckland. We loved it so much, we decided to buy our own mobile bach (holiday home)! It seemed the perfect solution to having great holidays and exploring New Zealand further. We have travelled extensively in New Zealand but have we travelled every road? - No Way!!! There is just so much to explore and we want to share with you some of our best times.

Our Camping Philosophy

We are a bit spoiled - we love waking up to a spectacular view, so the first thing we look for is a scenic spot. If we don't find a free spot, we usually visit DOC (Department of Conservation) sites which are usually low on amenities they provide but they are often in the most picturesque locations.

We don't like crowds - we hated the crowded beaches in Europe and we don't want to be in a "car park" full of campers. We love the isolation that freedom camp affords us and with our self-contained campervan, we can take advantage of free camping.

We love to find out of the way places - we won't be sharing the exact location of these but we will tell you the general vicinity where we found them. That way you can have the fun of finding places yourself, but you will know that you can because we did. Finding places like this is just part of having campervan adventures.


About Our Campervan

We did a lot of research before we rented a campervan and again before we bought one. We rented a 6m campervan (or OCV - overland camping vehicle) from Wilderness Motorhomes and can thoroughly recommend them. There were so many features that we loved about that campervan that they went on our ideal motorhome list which we drew up before buying.

Before buying, we looked at all types of motorhomes from beautifully appointed 12m buses with slide outs to smaller versions. We were always looking for a self-contained vehicle because of the freedom it gives.

We finally decided on an OCV from RoadCraft - it is a 6.3m long Fiat Ducato (2.3 litre engine) and has all the amenities of the one we rented and loved, plus some custom features they added just for us - so we have solar panels, tinted windows and a few other personal touches. It is large enough to be comfortable for our campervan adventures and small enough to access off-the-beaten tracks.


About This Site

We have developed this site to share our campervan adventures but also to help anyone thinking about a campervan or motorhome holiday get the most out of it. We will help you decide which campervan will suit your needs whether you are hiring or buying.

We hope that becomes a comprehensive travel resource for all things to do with campervans and motorhomes.


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22 February 2016 New Book Launch

We're so excited to announce the launch date of our first children book 'The Special and Talented Dog Show'.
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