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Tips On Chossing

Here are our tips on getting yourself the best campervan New Zealand has. New Zealand has so many great sites to buy luxury motorhomes, second hand campervans and budget campervans, it can be confusing.

As you read about all the specifications a vehicle does have, it is easy to overlook things it doesn't and they may be important to you. So you need to do your research first and here is our guide to making the right choice.

When we were looking to buy our campervan, we had a checklist of what we wanted in our ideal motorhome. We think we found the best campervan New Zealand had on offer for us at the time based on our checklist.

So here is our checklist - we didn't get everything on it but most of it - and hopefully it will help you decide on what you want. Use it to help you write down your wishes for your best campervan. New Zealand has lots of places to look for sale motorhomes so take your list with you and check off what specifications are met and which are not.

Checklist for your Best Campervan


  • We decided on a 7 metre or less campervan as we wanted to ensure good access to all New Zealand roads.


  • What is the Gross Laden Weight - if it is over 4500 kg, then you will need an additional licence. Under 4500kg, vehicles can be driven on a normal car licence
  • Driving position - if you have a bus, think about where you want your passenger to sit - front doors means the passenger may have to sit behind the driver
  • Automatic or Manual Transmission - we prefer manual
  • Cruise Control - we wanted this as it makes for much more leisurely driving
  • Exhaust brakes - maybe an issue if you have a bus or larger motorhome
  • Reversing camera
  • Walk through to the driving cab


  • Sink that fits a plate - actually ours is a deep sink but not wide enough for a dinner plate but as it's deep it works ok
  • 4 burner hob and grill
  • Oven - we actually didn't end up getting an oven and we haven't missed it
  • Extendable tap - we love that our kitchen tap is extendable and can act as an outside shower
  • Fridge - at least 90 litres and 3-way. Actually we have a 2 way fridge that is 110 litres. Because we have solar panels, it's not problem keeping the fridge going without the gas option.
  • Pull out pantry
  • Two rubbish bins (one for recycling)
  • Storage for cleaners etc
  • Storage for pots, kettle etc - our campervan came fully kitted out and everything has it's own storage space
  • Storage for crockery and cutlery - at least 3 drawers
  • Microwave - we don't have one as we prefer freedom camping and so couldn't use it anyway
  • Rangehood
  • Bench space - we have a bench extension so have plenty of space when preparing food

Lounge Area

  • U-shaped seating at rear - we really love to lounge and didn't want bench like seats facing each other
  • Storage under seating
  • Back opening - either open doors or windows. We love the feeling of backing up to a beach and then throwing the back doors open and just sitting back and soaking up the sights
  • Table that can be store
  • If front lounge area, L shape or U-shape seating preferred with the ability to walk through to the driving cab
  • Bed can be made up in lounge area - preferably at least queen size. We are happy making up our bed each night. To have a permanent bed would have compromised our lounging space which we didn't want to do


  • Some drop boxes for sunglasses, hats etc - good for easy access
  • One drawer for shoes
  • Storage for bedding and linen
  • At least 4 overhead lockers for clothing
  • Wardrobe - ours isn't full length but you might want a full length one
  • Storage for computers, cameras, binoculars
  • Storage for vacuum cleaner, torch


  • TV / DVD - at least 15 inch
  • iPOD connector
  • Freeview receiver
  • Satellite dish


  • Separate shower - we had a customised shower room made with some extra space and it works well even though shower and toilet are not separate
  • Cassette toilet - vacuum preferred. We have a SOG system installed so that creates a vacuum and reduces odours
  • Shower room can convert to drying room - we have a central heating outlet in the shower room so can use it as a drying room
  • Clothes line
  • Storage for toiletries, spare toilet paper
  • Mirror


  • diesel central heating preferred over LPG as LPG comes from the bottle you use for cooking and you can't have that on while driving - we have diesel central heating and it's great

Hot Water

  • we wanted one with both gas and electric options


  • Insulation - we believe it's a really important consideration if you are planning on using your campervan in the winter
  • Insect screens - these are a must on windows and skylights
  • Gas bottles - 2 preferred of at least 4 kg each - that way you always have one spare as they don't have a gauge to tell you when they are empty
  • Gas detector
  • Carbon monoxide monitor
  • Thermal curtains
  • Tinted windows
  • Water Tanks - at least 120 litres each, with tank monitors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Power outlets - at least 2 each of 12V and 240V


  • Solar panels - at least 100W
  • Inverter
  • Smart Charger
  • House Batteries with long life
  • Monitors


  • Awning
  • Outside Shower
  • Hoses and Power plug
  • Tow bar
  • Storage for Outdoor furniture and barbecue - our campervan came fully equipped with these


Checklist Download

If you want to download a checklist to use to compare your preferences with each motorhome you view, click here.

This will ensure you get the best campervan New Zealand has to offer you.

So hopefully, you will now have no difficulty finding yourself the best campervan. New Zealand is waiting for you to explore its beautiful scenery. ^


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