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Campervan relocation

Some companies offer campervan relocations and there are some great deals to be had.

Basically campervan relocations are a way of companies getting their vehicles from one depot to another, usually between Auckland and Christchurch - that's because a lot of people have a one-way trip, so arrive in Auckland, pick up their motorhome/campervan, tour the country ending up in the South Island, and they then fly out of Christchurch. The companies then have to relocate campervans from one depot to the other.

What are the Campervan Relocation Deals?

  • The best thing about campervan relocations is the cost - sometimes as low as NZD $1.00/day.
  • There are several types of deal - some include the ferry crossing, other don't and you have to pay
  • The time frame varies from 3 days to about a week. If you just want to get to the North Island from the South (or vice versa), then a 3 day trip is great. If you want to look around a bit, you probably need to look for a longer time period
  • Bedding and linen is usually an extra cost if you don't bring your own
  • There may be more restrictions on the roads you can travel - so there may be a restriction on any unsealed road. Check the terms and conditions


Which Companies Offer Relocation Deals?


You may need to check daily to get the deals. They usually come up at short notice.

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