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Camping recipes

We love stress-free camping so we want easy camping recipes but we also want delicious food. Here are some of the recipes we enjoy plus some others that look appetising.

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  • Ziplock Omelette - we haven't tried this one yet but it looks interesting. Everyone has their own Ziplock Freezer bag and 2 eggs. Put the eggs without shells in the bag. Add favorite omelette fillings such as cheese, mushroom, peppers. Close the bag and shake vigorously. Remove as much air as possible from the bag and then put in boiling water for 13 minutes (keep the water boiling for the entire time) - then onto a plate. Voila! A very easy camping recipe
  • Eggs anyway - poached, scrambled or boiled. They're great with some toasted Vogel's bread. Or serve with fried crispy chicken bacon and tomatoes
  • Cereal - we have Weetbix or Muesli



Lunch wrap

Here are a few easy camping recipes for that midday meal:

  • Cheese on Toast - we love Vogel's bread with cheese and a sprinkling of black pepper and dried basil - grill one side of the bread first, then add the cheese and seasoning to the other side and grill that side
  • Wraps - we make delicious wraps with Bazaar Roti's. Lightly grill or heat the roti.
    1. Spread the centre with humus, then add slices of smoked chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado. Add black pepper and then wrap the roti around and secure with a cocktail stick or toothpick
    2. Spread humus on the centre of the roti. Add crispy chicken bacon that you have fried lightly in olive oil. Add avocado and tomato. Wrap and secure
    3. Spread with light Philadelphia cream cheese. Add sliced bananas and drizzle with honey (or maple syrup). Wrap and secure
  • Savoury Baked Beans - fry some garlic and sliced red peppers (capsicum) in some olive oil until nearly crunchy. Add a can of baked beans and stir and heat. Delicious and much better than just plain baked beans



These are all easy camping recipes that make delicious and filling meals Fish

  • Sausages with
    1. Potatoes, Peas and Salad - grill the sausages. Heat a can of baby potatoes and add dried peas at the end of cooking. Drain and add a little butter or margarine. Serve sausages with potatoes and peas, salad and hot sauce.
    2. Macaroni cheese and salad
    3. Grill green and red peppers (capsicums) and corn cobs on the barbecue. Cook the sausages on the barbecue. Add sliced sausages to a bread roll or wrap (roti or tortilla) and then add the green and red peppers. Add some mustard and hot sauce. Eat with the corn cobs
  • Fish - Season with Cajun seasoning and drizzle with olive oil and then wrap in aluminium foil- put on the barbecue for 10 - 15 minutes. Eat with potatoes baked on the barbecue wrapped in aluminium foil and salad
  • Pasta - add a pesto sauce and sprinkle with Parmesan. Serve with salad



Fruit salad
  • Fruit platter - cut a kiwi fruit, an apple and an orange in quarters. Slice up a banana. Serve on a platter - this is plenty for 2 people
  • Nuts and Raisins - we mix almonds and raisins, but you might like to buy a scroggin mix which has chocolate as well
  • Carrots and Dip - slice up raw carrots and dip in humus. Do the same with sliced green or red peppers (capsicums) or celery
  • Fruit Salad servings - we buy the small serving plastic containers. They make a great snack especially when you don't have fresh fruit

We hope you enjoy these easy camping recipes we use on our rv / motorhome adventures.

To read about ideas for food to take camping, click here.