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It's hard to give motorhome ratings as everyone's needs are different, so what comes up as the number one choice for New Zealand motorhome rental will be different for everyone.

What we have done here is to compare campervans - we have chosen some of the more popular New Zealand rental campervans / motorhomes and have done a comparison chart of some of the features. It will be up to you to decide which campervan is best for you - you can use our information to decide on your individual campervan and motorhome ratings!

Compare Campervans

Before you read our motorhome ratings and campervan reviews on this page, read about our general advice on choosing a campervan first - to do so, click here.

You can see from our advice that we value having a U-shaped lounge area and a rear door that opens as well as insect screens, so we have included these in our motorhome ratings.

We have looked at 2/3 berth, 4 berth and 6 berth vehicles separately. We have chosen to review some of the features we look for in campervan and motorhome rentals:

  • To read our Compare Campervans Review for 2 (and 3) berth vehicles, click here
  • To read our Compare Campervans Review for 4 berth vehicles, click here
  • To read our Compare Campervans Review for 6 berth vehicles, click here

The information in the campervan review spreadsheets is taken from the different company websites and we believe it to be accurate as of June 2010 - however, always confirm the actual specifications of the vehicle you are planning on renting as there may be changes from what is published.

When deciding on rental campervans in New Zealand, watch out for the following:

  • diesel tax charge - diesel vehicles in New Zealand have to pay Road User Charges (RUC). Some motorhome/campervan rental companies pass this tax onto the customer as an additional charge. We have indicated whether this is the case on our Compare Campervans Review Sheets
  • One Way Tax - some companies charge a fee if you are picking up and dropping off at different locations. Some companies also charge a fee for an airport pick-up. Check the terms and conditions
  • Minimum Driver Age - this is usually 21 but some companies (such as Jucy) allow younger drivers of 18 years and above
  • Minimum hire period - there is usually a minimum hire period of 5 or 7 days. Some companies, such as Maui, Apollo and Wicked have campervan relocation packages, which are usually for shorter periods (and at a much reduced cost, but with added restrictions)
  • Road Restrictions - there are often restrictions on which roads can be driven eg. Ninety Mile Beach, Skipper's Canyon are often no-go areas for rental campervans. Check in the terms and conditions
  • LPG refill charge - some companies charge an extra fee for providing you with a full gas bottle at the start of the trip - it's often taken at the end of the rental. We have indicated this on the Compare Campervan Reviews
  • Snow Chains - these are a good idea if you are renting a campervan/motorhome in the winter and you want to explore mountainous areas - some of the more spectacular scenes to view in NZ - and pretty essential if you want to go ski-ing. You might not need them, but if you do and don't have them, that will seriously hamper your vacation. Some companies provide snow chains as standard while others charge extra. Check the terms and conditions


Motorhome and Campervan Rental Companies in New Zealand

We have assembled a table of the companies we have reviewed and added general information and other features as well as the motorhome ratings in the spreadsheets above.

To look at the spreadsheet comparison of campervans/motorhomes, click here.

To read about how to compare campervan tiers, click here.

alphabetical order


Additional Compare Campervan Reviews


Bike racks and bikes available for hire
Provide snow chains as standard
2/3 HiTop has outside shower
Can hire optional equipment, eg GPS, cellphone
Free tourism radio
Budget arm of United


Can hire optional equipment, eg GPS, bikes
4 berth deluxe and 6 berth - high specifications
Relocations available


Linen and bed pack has additional cost
Can hire optional equipment, eg tent, camping pack, snow chains, GPS
Breezer has roof rack as standard


Rookie - has awning at back
Can hire optional equipment, eg portable DVD


Can hire optional equipment, such as satellite phone, bikes (and helmets)
Cheapa 6 berth has awning
Budget arm of Apollo


Budget arm of Pacific Horizon
Can hire snow chains and tourism radio


Backpacker campervan rental
Can hire optional equipment, such as TV, DVD, GPS, cellphone


Budget Tui
Freedom Explore can sleep 5 adults


Vehicles have awnings
4 berth has large shower / toilet
Wireless internet available as well as other optional hire equipment


Can hire optional equipment, eg snow chains, ski rack
Some winter packages come with ski passes
Chaser - has rear doors with awning
Additional Drivers are charged extra


Most vehicles have solar panels and have high specifications
2/3 HiTop has outside showerCan hire optional equipment, eg GPS, cellphone

Kiwi Campers

Budget Kea
Can hire bikes and bike racks


Can hire optional equipment, eg GPS, camping equipment, portable DVD
Platinum 6 has an awning
Relocations available
Supermarket discount card included as standard

Pacific Horizon

6 Berth has all seats facing forward immediately behind the driver and front passenger
Can hire optional equipments, such as GPS, bike racks, snow chains


Camping in a "car" with a hybrid or 4WD vehicle option
Can hire equipment, eg. Solar shower, portapotti
Alpha 4 berth has additional pop-up double bed on roof


Can hire optional equipment, such as TV, DVD
Some models have solar panels


Great Virtual Tours on website
Can hire optional equipment, eg GPS, bike racks. Snow chains are standard


All campervans have hot water
Mazda 2 berth has outside shower


Backpacker campervan rental
Relocations available
Can have air conditioned vehicle (Chilled) or 4WD
Can have 2, 3 or 5 seaters but only one big bed


High specification with long life battery
Provide barbecue and snow chains as standard
Has a drying room

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