New Zealand Holiday Parks

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This page will give you information on New Zealand holiday parks so you can make the most of your campervan holiday.

There are many great campsites in New Zealand - you are spoiled for choice.

Commercial Holiday Parks

Commercial New Zealand Holiday Parks have a range of services, including cooking and washing blocks, laundry services and children's playgrounds. Some have swimming pools while other are located right on the beach. Some have wireless internet access while others may have an internet room.

Most holiday parks have powered sites so you can plug your campervan in and have power - if you have a microwave or air-conditioning, you will be able to run these while plugged in.

Most, but not all, commercial New Zealand holiday parks have dumping facilities for grey water and black water (toilet waste) and will have water for filling your motorhome/campervan tanks.

The main commercial New Zealand holiday parks include:

  • Top 10 Holiday Parks - they offer a discount scheme, so you can purchase membership for $40.00 and then have a discounted rate when you stay at one of their campsites - and they do have some great sites. To read more about the discount scheme, click here.
  • Kiwi Holiday Parks - there are some great campsites near forests and the coast. To view the campsite locations, click here.
  • Family Parks - these have a family focus with activities to keep the whole family amused. To find a Family New Zealand holiday park, click here.

To read about facilities at NZ commercial fully-serviced holiday parks and/or to download a pdf file with all the information you need about New Zealand holiday parks, click here


Regional Council Campsites

Some regional councils operate campsites - these New Zealand holiday parks sometimes don't have many facilities, so you may find a powered site or you may not, but they are often located in beautiful spots. The rates are usually quite reasonable and you can buy seasonal passes if you think you are going to be visiting often.

To read about Auckland Regional Council (ARC) campsites, click here.

To read about the Waitaki Lakes, click here.


Department of Conservation (DOC) Campsites

DOC (Dept of Conservation) operate some fantastic campsites, some that you can only walk to and others that you drive into - perfect for you campervan/motorhome camping.

We love the DOC sites as they are usually in breath-taking locations. DOC campsites don't have the facilities that the commercial New Zealand holiday parks offer - they often only have long-drop toilets and cold water, but if you have a self-contained motorhome/campervan, that isn't a problem.

DOC campsites usually use self-registration - there is a registration booth - you fill in your details on the envelopes, place money in the envelope and then place it in the sealed box. You keep a docket to put on your vehicle. The rates are very reasonable - usually $7.00 per person per night. A ranger will often visit in the morning.

If you own your motorhome, it is a good idea to join the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) - they have a scheme with DOC where you can purchase an annual pass for $150.00, which is very reasonable. To read more on the NZMCA, click here.

To read about drive-in DOC campsites in the North Island, click here.

To read about drive-in DOC campsites in the South Island, click here.

  • To read about DOC French Pass campsite, click here.
  • To read about DOC Nelson Lakes campsite, click here.
  • To read about DOC Totaranui campsite, click here.

To read the DOC Camping Care Code, click here.


Native Parks

Native Parks refers to private properties that are available for self-contained motorhomes/campervans to stay overnight.

There are a range of properties from wineries to large sheep stations and they are scattered over the country.

You must be a member - membership is currently $70 per vehicle for annual membership and then overnight stays are usually free. You can join online by clicking here.


Freedom Camping

If you are like us, you won't be using New Zealand holiday parks that often because you'll be freedom camping.

There are limits to where you can free camp, and the South Island is much better for freedom camping than the North Island.

We love free camping so much, we have written a whole page on freedom camping, including information on where you can and can't - to go there, click here.